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Thread Dedicated to iPhone Tips & Tricks
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Well here We all will share Tips and Tricks for Iphone...
Regarding any Problem or strange Behaviour after Making These Tips or Tricks..Kindly do Post brief Description so that we can try to Help U

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Tips to boost iPhone Signal Strength

One of the complaints from many iPhone users especially after iPhone
firmware 1.1.3 has been the low and/or fluctuating signal strength
resulting in poor reception and dropped calls thus leading to a
frustrating experience for iPhone owners.

The typical symptoms are as follows: signal bars suddenly drop to zero
and the display shows “call failed.” As soon as the user manually ends
the call, the signal strength immediately returns to normal. There are
quite a few threads in Apple discussion boards regarding this issue and
seems to have increased post iPhone firmware 1.1.3.

Here are some iPhone tips/fixes which should help in some cases:

Reset the iPhone:

It has been observed that simply resetting the iPhone can resolve signal strength issues.

Reset network settings:

In some cases resetting the network settings has also helped so tap
Settings, tap General, tap Reset, tap Reset Network Settings.

This will restart your iPhone and will also delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more.

Place your SIM card again:

If your iPhone’s SIM card is not placed properly, it has been observed that it can affect signal strength.

So a good idea would be to remove your iPhone's SIM card by pushing a
straightened paper clip into the small hole on the top of the device to
open the SIM tray, then check for debris inside the tray or SIM card
slot, remove it by blowing into the slot or using compressed air and
then placing the SIM card properly and then re-inserting the SIM tray.

The notion is that improper SIM contact can result in a weak signal, so the above procedure could help.

Restore the iPhone

Some of the iPhone users have reported that simply restoring the iPhone can also help resolve the signal strength issues.

However, it is important to note here that using this method you’ll
lose text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound
settings, widget settings, etc which can be restored by simply doing
another restore and choosing to push the backup to the phone.

Dock the phone or just attach a USB cable:

Some iPhone users have interestingly reported that docking the iPhone
or attaching it to a computer via a USB cable can boost signal strength

However, it is not certain whether this is due to the power delivery a
charge boosts signal strength or as some users have reported that
simply attaching a USB cable to the iPhone (without connecting to your
computer) provides an instant boost in signal strength.

Give iPhone a full charge:

The reason for the boost could be due to the reason speculated in the early point.

Attaching scotch tape to the SIM card:

This is indeed the most ingenious methods, it appears that attaching a
small piece of scotch tape to the outer side of the iPhone’s SIM card
(the side of the SIM card that does not have metal contacts) can result
in a surprising boost again borrowing from the notion that improper SIM
contact can result in a weak signal.


It is important to mention here that some of the methods like attaching
the scotch tape could void your iPhone's warranty and since I have not
tried these fixes I am not in a position to confirm either way.

Exchange for a new iPhone:

If all of the above options have not helped then the best option would
be to exchange your iPhone for a new one by going to an Apple store
with the signal strength complaint.

Signal Booster:

The last option if you have tried all of the above tips would be to
simply buy a signal booster as some iPhone users have reported success.

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Optimize Settings to Extend iPhone's Battery Life

If you are one of those whose biggest complaint of your iPhone is that
you need to keep recharging it on a regular basis then you will find
this article useful.

Apple claims of 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours
of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback and finally 250 hours
of standby time.

However, thanks to the revolutionary features of the iPhone where you
can do more than one thing at a time i.e use the internet and also
listen to music at the same time, you might be experiencing
significantly lesser battery life then that mentioned above.

Hence you could use some of the tips mentioned here to optimize settings to extend your iPhone's battery life between charges.


Auto-Lock Your iPhone

Whenever you are not using your iPhone remember to lock your iPhone, to
lock iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button. However, the more efficient
solution would be to turn On the Auto-lock settings. To do this go to
Settings, then tap General, then Auto-Lock and select 1 minute from the
list of options as lower the settings the sooner your iPhone will go
into the locked state which in turn will turn off the screen and other
functions, saving your iPhone's battery life.

Turn Off Functions if you are not using or can't use them

If you are in an area without Wi-Fi spots, then tap on Wi-Fi in the
Settings application to turn it Off. The same goes for Bluetooth as
well, tap General, then Bluetooth and slide the button to it Off.

Reduce Brightness of your iPhone

We all know that iPhone's 3.5 inch screen looks even more gorgeous at
maximum brightness however it is advicable to use Auto-Brightness as at
max brightness it is also consumes more power. So tap Settings, then
tap Brightness, then use the slider to reduce the brightness to an
acceptable level and turn on Auto-Brightness On by sliding the button.

Reduce the interval of Auto-checking email

Apparently checking email can also drain your iPhone's battery. So its
a good idea to reduce this interval to every hour, to do this in
settings, choose Mail then tap Auto-Check, you could also turn it to
Manual which should significantly conserve your battery life.

Turn Off the Equalizer

Though using Equalizers (EQ) while listening to music on your iPhone
enhances sound quality it apparently also uses more of your processor
as they aren't encoded in the song. To turn Off the Equalizers tap
Settings, then iPod, then tapping EQ and selecting Flat from the
available options.

I hope you found these iPhone Tips useful in extending battery life of
your iPhone between charges, in case you have discovered or use an
iPhone tip not mentioned here do feel free to share with fellow readers
in the comments.

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Home Screen Tricks

iPhone firmware v1.1.3 makes it possible to rearrange the icons on your
Home screen, also swap the icons in and out of the Dock and add an
additional eight Home screen pages.

In the video on the January Update 08 Apple had demonstrated that one
of the ways to navigate through the nine Home screen pages you could
simply flick or drag your finger left or right on the home screen.

There is another way which Apple didn't tell us about, read all about it and more after the jump.

There is another way to navigate through the nine Home screen pages
which Apple didn't tell us about, if you tap just to the left or the
right of the dots at the bottom of your screen then you can move a page
at a time without having to drag.

Did you know it is also possible to pause Home screen drags?

If you start to move between screens by dragging and then tap the dots
at the bottom of the screen during that drag, the screen pauses. You'll
see some portion of both home screens at once, and you can even
interact with them normally by tapping icons. When the screen pause you
can see up to 24 icons at once, 16 off to one side and 4 along the
other side and 4 in the bar at the bottom.

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Regain Reduced Battery life & Improve Edge speeds

One of the most interesting thing of a revolutionary gadget like the
iPhone is that there is always someone out there in the blogosphere
figuring out a trick or two to make it work better. In this article I
write about an iPhone trick for all those who have hacked their iPhone
and are observing reduced battery life and the other is an iPhone tip
by none other than the iPhone hacking genius Natetrue on how to get
better speeds of the EDGE network. I am sure the last one would have
got all you iPhone owners interested so read after the jump for more

Observing reduced Battery Life after Installing Third-Party iPhone Hacks or Applications?

If you are still on firmware 1.0.2 and have installed those cool
third-party iPhone applications but are observing reduced battery life
then here is some good news. Michael Johnston over at iPhoneAlley has
identified the culprit (application) which could be draining your
iPhone's battery life.

The iPhone application which could be causing the issue is OpenSSH in
case you have it installed on your iPhone, the tool which allows remote
login to your iPhone from a computer. Michael also has a logical
explanation for it, he says "The problem is, SSH requires that a
listener called SSHD constantly runs, waiting for a remote login
attempt. This in turn drains your battery."

Hmm, so now that you know the culprit your first reaction would be to
uninstall it from your iPhone, maybe that is not required as there is a
cleaner solution to this problem. The solution is to disable SSH which
can be achieve using a simple tool called Services. Assuming that you
have already installed and OpenSSH on your iPhone all you
need to do is download Community Sources in case not already done, then
under Utilities in, install Services. After you have
waited for the iPhone to reload the homescreen and see the Services
icon tap to launch Services and simply toggle SSH off.

Once SSH is turned off using the above instructions you should no longer observe the reduced battery life.

Want to better Edge speeds?

You might have already figured this out or known about it but when I
read about this iPhone tip over at Natetrue's blog I found it quite
interesting and thought I should share it with you folks. Just prior to
the iPhone launch David Pogue in his review on the iPhone had declared
the iPhone has a black plastic part on its back. "That's where the
antenna is," he said and he went on to give the reason saying
"Cellphone signals have a hard time going through metal, which is why
this one piece is made of plastic."

The iPhone tip that will help you improve your Edge speeds revolves
around this black plastic part where the antenna is placed. NateTrue
has observed that if you take your hand off the antenna i.e. bottom
part of the iPhone then you would observe not only an obvious
improvement when you have low signal strength but even with a full
signal one should see a 25% increase in Edge speeds. So it is not just
metal cellphone signals have a hard time going through its also your

In fact he goes on to add that your hand must remain three-quarter
inches away from that antenna otherwise you exceed FCC limits for radio

These are both interesting iPhone tips, it would be great to find out how well they worked for you in the comments below.

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5 Ways to Use Twitter on your iPhone

It has been almost three months and it would have been inappropriate on
my part if I had not written about how to use the ultra popular social
networking and micro blogging service aka Twitter on your iPhone. So
let me address this today by writing about the various options you have
of using Twitter from your iPhone.

Having a choice is always good and in case you are addicted to the
fast-paced social network then you will happy to know that there is not
one but 5 ways to use Twitter on Apple's iPhone in case you didn't
already know. Do you know all the 5 ways? Maybe you can find out after
the jump.

Twitter, the free social networking and micro-blogging service that
allows users can be accessed using the iPhone and you have 5 ways to
use Twitter on the iPhone. Don't forget to take the poll to tell us
which one of the options you prefer to use or you are already using to
access Twitter from your iPhone.


All you need to do is register/verify the number of your iPhone on
Twitter's website, and simply SMS your messages to 40404 (in US). But
do remember that depending on your tarrif plans, you will be using up
free monthly SMS for each Twitter updates you send using this option.

Instant Messenger

Twitter supports Jabber, AIM, Gtalk, and Livejournal chat addresses and
we have already seen quite a few web-based instant messaging clients
such as Mundu IM iPhone Edition, JiveTalk for iPhone that have brought
instant messaging to the iPhone and support AIM and Gtalk so verify
your IM address in case you have not already done at Twitter and using
one of the above clients you should be able to send Twitter updates
using your iPhone. For instructions on how to verify Instant Messenger
follow this link.

Twitter Mobile friendly website:

In case you didn't already know another option and like the SMS option
this one too is available for mobile phones having a browser, is
Twitter's mobile browser friendly site over at
All you need to do is point your iPhone's Safari browser to the above
address and use it like you normally do on the website on your



TwitterMail lets you tweet using email from your iPhone as simple as
that. So all you need to do is to register at TwitterMail to give them
your Twitter credentials and they will inturn supply you with a
TwitterMail email address eg.
If you send an email using iPhone's email client to the email address
that they have provided while registering then it will be posted to Other than sending and receiving updates TwitterMail also
provide other features. Click here to get more details on TwitterMail.

It is safe to assume that you didn't come to an iPhone specific site to
read about the above four options, so if you are looking something
which is specially optimised for iPhone's interface then read on.

Web-based Twitter Client for iPhone:

There are two web-based Twitter clients for the iPhone already they are
PocketTweets and Hahlo 2.0. I know I could put this under the Twitter
Mobile friendly website but I felt that it is important to
differentiate between a website and web-based client as they are
expected to provide better user experience.


PocketTweets is a web-based Twitter client optimized for the Apple
iPhone. Using PocketTweets you can see the latest tweets from your
contacts, update your status remotely, or see what's happening around
the world by viewing the public timeline using either AT&T's Edge
network or over Wi-Fi.

Visit using your iPhone's Safari browser to check out the Twitter client developed for the Apple iPhone.


Hahlo is another web-based Twitter client for the Apple iPhone. It
would have been a little premature to write about Hahlo v1.0 earlier
but with v2.0 just released it is probably perfect timing as Dean says
over at his blog says:

"version 1 had ended up probably doing more harm than good, and while
the basics worked well enough it had a few failings which unfortunately
resulted in many people switching to other alternatives. Now with Hahlo
2.0 a lot more thought has gone into how things should work, and how
they should fit together. On top of that there are also a huge pile of
new features and enhancements which will hopefully bring those that had
left back to Hahlo".

With Hahlo v2.0 you can now do just about everything that is available
from Twitter's website, and the good news is that there are still more
features expected in future versions.

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Stream Music, Videos and Movies from iTunes Library to your iPhone for Free

If you are frustrated with the 4 GB or 8 GB limit on your iPhone, I had
written earlier this month that Dot.Tunes had an innovative way of
solving your space problem by streaming any song or playlists from your
iTunes library to your iPhone. However, for this to work you needed to
buy the iPhone Dot.Tunes plug-in which costs $20.

In case you are looking for a free option then folks at Embraceware
Software have figured out a not so neat way of solving the space
problem but for free.

If you are one of those who has ripped your DVDs which amounts to
Terabytes of space and added them to iTunes then the 4 GB or 8 GB of
space on your iPhone can be frustratingly limited. As I had mentioned
earlier, there is an option for this if you are willing to pay $20 for
an iPhone Dot.Tunes plug-in which essentially can streams any song or
playlists to your iPhone with an interface that has been optimised for
the iPhone.

However, in case you are looking for a free option then there is some
good news as folks at Embraceware Software have published the below
procedure which should help you stream music from the iTunes library on
your Mac to the iPhone for free.

Step 1:

Open “Sharing” in System Preferences and enable “Personal Web Sharing”
- this will turn on the built in web server installed with OS X. When
enabled, it will display an address (your IP or computer network name)
as the URL for accessing the site on your network. Note this address -
we’ll be visiting it on our iPhone via Safari later.

Step 2:

The root of the web site is located in /Library/WebServer/Documents.

Open the Terminal and type the following:

cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/

and press ENTER.

Step 3:

Still in the Terminal we will continue by creating a Symbolic link to
your iTunes “Movies” directory and place this link in the root of your
web server by typing the following:

ln -s /[path ti your iTunes Movies folder] Movies

Example: ln -s/Volumes/Machintosh HD/users/john/Music/iTunes/Movies Movies

Step 4:

Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the address provided when you
enabled the Personal Web Sharing in your iPhone followed by /Movies


The library browsing UI using the above iPhone trick is not as slick as
iTunes or even the optimized iPhone interface offered by Dot.Tunes
however all you need to do is use the text directory listing and simply
tap on any movie link to launch QuickTime on the iPhone to play the

One of the issues of this iPhone trick is that though though it will
work well over the typical 802.11 b/g/n networks that is usually
available at home, you might experience reliability issues if you go
the extra mile to try and stream over the web.

However, the best part of the trick is you do not need any of those
complicated iPhone hacks or even touch the iPhone’s internal structure
nor do you need to alter things on the iPhone, simply point your
iPhone's Safari browser the address provided when you enabled the
Personal Web Sharing to watch any movie from your Terabytes of iTunes

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Kill the GSM Buzz, Prevent iPhone Deaths, Check for Dead Pixels and more

iPhone's Slider Stuck?

In case you ever experience your iPhone's slider refuses to do anything
when you try to slide it to use the iPhone then a simple fix for this
it to press the Home button once before trying to move the slider for
the first time.

Keep those Magnets far away from your iPhone

There might be many iPhone killers out there; I mean mobile companies
releasing new handsets and dubbing them to be iPhone killers to cash in
on the buzz but the one that can apparently do that job easily is a
magnet. There have been many reports of the iPhone deaths so to say
which have been linked to magnets. So if you are looking to buy a case
for your iPhone ensure you don't buy one with lids that snap down

How to kill the GSM Buzz?

In case you are experiencing a buzzing sound while using an cassette
adaptor to plug your iPhone to your car stereo then Gizmodo has a
low-tech tip to fix the buzzing sound. Wrap aluminium foil around the
cable closest to the iPhone. The other option is to switch to flight
mode but it sends incoming calls to voicemail.

How to check for Dead Pixels?

You must have heard of complaints by iPhone owners observing dead spots
(also referred as dead pixels) on their iPhone's stunning 3.5 inch
display. In case you want to find out if your iPhone has dead pixels is
to visit using your iPhone's Safari browser
and follow the instructions.

Change your default search engine

Okay, if I was you, I wouldn't do it, but it is always good to have a
choice. I am referring to Google being the default search engine on the
iPhone. If you want to change it go to Settings from your home screen
then select Safari. The first setting lets you choose whether to use
Google or Yahoo as your search engine.

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Upload photos from your iPhone to Flickr

If you want to upload the photos from your iPhone to your Flickr
account then here is some good news. Thanks to an iPhone tip from Erica
@ Tuaw; you can easily upload the latest photo that you have clicked
using your iPhone's 2.0 mega pixel camera. And the best part is it does
not need any iPhone hacks or require you to install some native iPhone
application for which you need to depend on a step by step tutorial.

It is so simple that many of you might have already figured it out. So
here is how you upload your photos from the iPhone to your Flickr
account? As you might be aware most of the photo hosting and printing
sites allow you to upload pictures by email; something offered by
Flickr as well.

Basically the way it works with Flickr is they assign a randomly
generated email address for your account, all you then need to do is
email photos from your iPhone using the "Email Photo" option to this
email address and it will get uploaded to your Flickr account. You will
also receive a confirmation email at the address you used to send the
message which has the link to your photo centre where you can view or
print the photo.

In case you do not know the email address for your Flickr account; go
to the following URL: In fact, this
iPhone trick should also work with the other photo hosting and printing
sites that allow you to upload pictures via email.

One of the drawbacks you need to keep in mind with this iPhone trick is
that the iPhone scales down your photos when you choose the "Email
Photo" option in order to reduce the size of the image file which
should be fine unless you are not planning to print the photo.

Erica Sudan @ Tuaw also a solution in case you want to email the photos
from your iPhone at full resolution. You can use a utility she had
developed called "SendPics" and should be relatively easy to install as
it can be installed via the cool

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Send and receive MMS on your iPhone
You might already know it but when I read this trick over at iPhone Central @ MacWorld, I thought of sharing it you. One of the features missing in the iPhone is it's lack of integrated support for MMS. If you were used to using MMS in your previous mobile phone then it can be that much more painful. However, there is some good news for you.

You can make use iPhone’s built-in support for email to work around this lack of functionality to send and receive picture messages and importantly without the need of some nerdy iPhone hack.

So how does it work? You must be aware that all wireless providers assign their subscribers an email address. So there is the secret of this iPhone trick, if you send an email to that email address which is based on your phone number, the email will get delivered as a text message. Similarly sending a picture to that email address using iPhone's built in "Email Photo" functionality will result in it getting delivered as a picture message (MMS).

The important part of the trick is also knowing the address of the contact you want to send a picture message to. Below is the list of common providers thanks to folks at Uneasy Silence, however do get it confirmed with your friend:

(All you will need to do is enter the recipients 10 digit number into the appropriate carrier field.)

Alltel =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Sprint =
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =

The same principle works while receiving picture messages thanks to the built-in email client. All your friend needs to do is send the picture as an email to the email account that has been setup on your iPhone for you to receive a picture message.

Though we now have a workaround to the MMS limitation on your iPhone, you will agree that its not the ideal (Apple) solution, lets hope Steve Jobs is listening and enables true MMS support in future firmware updates.

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iPhone's Recovery Mode, free space on your iPhone & more

Apple's iPhone is probably the most-hyped gadget ever created but it is not problem free.

Hopefully you don't face this issue but if you know would like to know
how to bail out of a situation where your iPhone is not restoring to
resolve most of the documented errors on the iPhone or wondered how
much free space should be kept on your iPhone, then read on.

Use "Recovery Mode" as the last option to rescue your iPhone

We all know that restoring the iPhone using iTunes is a troubleshooting
lifesaver as it helps resolve most of the documented errors on the
iPhone faced so far, especially important if you have tried one of
those iPhone hacks which has caused your iPhone to behave abnormally.
However, what does one do when restoring itself does not work, there is
no reason to panic, as here is an iPhone tip to get you out of exactly
that situation.

It is the iPhone's "Recovery Mode", which is a mode in which you can
force the iTunes to restore the iPhone to resolve any of the errors.
You need to follow these steps to put the iPhone in recovery mode:

Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac or Windows computer.

Press and hold the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for about
20-30 seconds, until you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation
point in the middle accompanied by the text "Please Connect to iTunes."

Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes if it does not automatically launch.

You should see the below image

After this you can restore your iPhone by clicking the Restore button under the Summary tab.

Advicable to keep some free space on the iPhone

You have got the spanking new iPhone and are planning to transfer you
favorite music and videos to it and the following question crops up in
your mind: "How much memory should I leave free on the iPhone?"

Here is an answer to your question (if at all), like you need free
space in MAC OS X in a similar fashion iPhone's OS X also needs free
space for it to work properly. The desktop version of OS X requires at
least 10 percent of the disk space to be free to avoid running into
issues with the file system so it would be advicable that if you have
filled up your iPhone without the 10 percent of breathing space and are
facing problems of application crashing or freezing then you clear up
at least 10 percent of free space to see if it helps.

Fix for not all tracks getting synced to the iPhone

It seems quite a few users are reporting an issue where iTunes fails to
transfer all selected tracks to the iPhone. If you are one of them,
then here is some of the options you have.

1. You simply re-create the iTunes library, as discussed in Apple Knowledge Base article #93313.

2. If that doesn't work you will need to delete and then re-import the library using the following steps:

Quit iTunes

Backup your iTunes library (~/Music/iTunes under Mac OS X, \Documents
and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\ under Windows XP and 2000
and \Users\username\Music\ under Windows Vista) to a separate location
(can be on the same volume)

Launch iTunes while holding down the option key under Mac OS X, or the
Shift key under Windows and follow the steps to create a new library

In iTunes, choose Import from the File menu

Select the backed up iTunes music folder as a source folder

Restore any deleted preferences

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Watch Google Video on your iPhone

One of the coolest feature of the iPhone which Apple announced just
prior to iPhone's launch was that users would be able to enjoy
YouTube’s originally-created content on their iPhone. However, not
being able to watch flash-based videos still remains one of iPhone's
limitation, so everything other than YouTube is still off-limits.

Maybe not anymore, as this iPhone trick will let you watch any video on Google Video.

Since iPhone's Safari browser did not support flash, Apple had to
develop a new application for the iPhone which wirelessly streams
YouTube’s content over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks to play it on iPhone’s
stunning 3.5 inch display.

However for it to work on Apple's new application; Google also had to
do some amount of work as they had to encode YouTube videos in advanced
H.264 format thus making the number of videos available in
iPhone-friendly format limited.

Check out the YouTube video which gives a step by step guide of the
trick to watch any Google video on your iPhone by using the "Download
for Video iPod" option.

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Stream audio from your iPhone to bluetooth headset

If you are one of those who was disappointed not to see Bluetooth's
A2DP profile in the iPhone feature list then here is some good news for
you as there is a workaround.

Thanks to a tip from one of TUAW's reader, you should be able to stream audio from your iPhone to a Bluetooth headset.

What is A2DP?

In order to use Bluetooth, a device must be compatible with certain
Bluetooth profiles. A Bluetooth profile is a standardized interface
between Bluetooth devices. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
is a profile that defines how high quality audio (stereo or mono) can
be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection -
for example in this context, music streamed from an iPhone to a
wireless headset.

Now that we all know what A2DP stands for lets find out how you can
stream audio from your iPhone to a Bluetooth headset. Audio here means
audio from audio tracks as well as videos.

So achieve this you need to do the following:

Pair a Bluetooth headset with your iPhone, switch on your headset so that it can perform the handshake with the iPhone.

Go into the Visual Voicemail screen and tap the Audio button in the
upper right (which is otherwise a Speaker button when your headset
isn't on and communicating with your phone)

You'll receive an audio selection dialog much like the in-call dialog
box that allows you to choose where to send the iPhone's audio.

Select the Headset option, then switch over to the iPod and begin playing music or a video.

And you should be able to listen to the audio from the headset, however
the only not so nice part of this iPhone tip is that the audio still
plays from iPhone's speakers.

This essentially helps you remove the cable clutter associated with a wired headset.

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Focus: iPhone's Keyboard

One of the gambles Apple took with with the iPhone, dubbed the most
hyped gadget ever created, was doing away with a physical keyboard and
instead featuring a full QWERTY soft keyboard on the large multi-touch
display with innovative new software.

Apple wanted to ensure that there are no hiccups so prior to the iPhone
launch; Apple released videos to help users use the iPhone's keyboard
and since then we have also had a lot of tips and tricks from iPhone
users themselves.

So here is a roundup of all the tips & tricks which should help
make a difference in the usability of your iPhone's keyboard.

There were many who predicted that one of the reasons for iPhone's
failure would be the lack of a physical keyboard, as expected Apple
wanted to be sure that people do not face problems with multi-touch
keyboard and took the proactive steps in educating users on how to use
iPhone's innovative soft keyboard. If that was not enough once the
iPhone was launched, we have had iPhone users publishing their own
iPhone tips & tricks.

Below are a few iPhone Tips & Tricks to use iPhone's keyboard to make it that much more easier for you:

Apple releases "iPhone Keyboard" video

Apple has made good use of videos to educate users on their
revolutionary new product, first it was iPhone: A guided tour and then
one specially for the keyboard: "iPhone's keyboard".

iPhone "Will" Contractions

If you wanted to type contractions like "he'll" or "we'll," but they
were a hassle: without the apostrophe, as they are both words on their
own, so the keyboard software wouldn't recommend the contraction. You
have to click the punctuation button, then hit the apostrophe to form
the right word.

But there's a better way: simply add a third "l." Type "helll," and the
keyboard software will recommend "he'll." Type "welll," and the
keyboard software will recommend "we'll."

This also works with "were" and "we're." Type an extra "e" ("weree") and the software recommends "we're."

David Pogue's iPhone period trick

The punctuation keys and alphabet keys appear in two different keyboard layouts.

So every time you want to type a period or a comma, it’s a three-step:

(1) Tap the “.?123” key in the lower left to invoke the punctuation layout.

(2) Type the period.

(3) Type the ABC key in the lower left to return to the alphabet layout.

Imagine how painful it would be to type, for example, “a P.O. Box in
the U.S.A.”! It would actually take you 34 finger taps and 10 mode

Here is a method of typing a period or a comma with only a SINGLE finger gesture.

The iPhone doesn’t register most key presses until you *release* your finger.

So here’s what you can do, all in one motion:

1. Touch the “.?123” key, but don’t lift your finger as the punctuation layout appears.

2. Slide your finger a half inch onto the period or comma key, and release.

Incredibly, the ABC layout returns automatically. You’ve typed a period
or a comma with one finger touch instead of three. In fact, you can
type ANY of the punctuation symbols the same way.

A better iPhone period trick

In case you find David Pogue's period trick clunky like folks at Tuaw, here is a presumably a better way to do it:

Simply press that ".123" key normally, type your period and then hit
the space bar - the iPhone realizes you've just ended a sentence and
are beginning another, so it automatically switches back to the
alphabetical layout.

They have found this to be far more natural and easier to use in any kind of mobile or awkward situations.

The trick also works with any character on the punctuation/number
keyboard layout: press the .123 button, hit a number or punctuation
character, then press the space bar to switch the layout back to
alphabetical. For some characters that typically have a letter after
them, such as an apostrophe, the keyboard seems to switch itself back
automatically without any interaction on the user's part; not even a
space bar.

Don't even bother with the .com button

Just like a real browser, it appears that the iPhone will allow you to
type in most .com URLs without having to type the actual .com or
pressing the button. Simply press Go after typing the site name and
iPhone's Safari browser should automatically insert the .com for you.

It might be a mere savings of one button press to be sure, but shaving
off even one repeated key press can amount to a lot of saved time after
a while.

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